L. Doherty Landsape Art Prints, 30"x45" Canvas, Apparitions

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Canadian landscape painter Lonny Doherty takes inspiration from his surroundings, whether it is an excursion to the countryside or an urban parkland. His paintings reflect the vibrant colours and natural designs provided by the four distinct seasons in Canada.

Stylistic elements that echo Canada's Group of Seven artists can be seen in Doherty's works. He counts among his influences both Tom Thomson and Lawren Harris, as well as the Impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Doherty’s 2001 piece "Warm Cloud Tangle" was ranked in the top ten of a painting competition  by International Artist Magazine competition. He was chosen among entrants from around the World and published in the magazine's June/July 2002 issue. In 2019, he was a finalist in the same magazine's August /September 2019 issue for his piece "Taylor Creek."

Says Doherty of his landscape paintings: "There is a careful balance between subtlety and exaggeration, between brisk brush strokes and sharp delineation, with a peaceful appeal that speaks to our deep-seated desire to be close to nature."

30" x 45" Canvas Art Prints, Unframed

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