About Us

Two Hoots is more than an online store!

Two Hoots Gift Gallery is a locally owned and operated small business in the charming village of Cobble Hill, B.C. We seek out colourful, whimsical, handmade, local, truly unusual and affordable gift items for our loyal customers. We don't pay the high commercial lease rates charged in most cities, so we're able to pass that savings directly on to our shoppers.

The most often-heard comment in our shop is "My god, that is SO cute!" A close second, after the customer checks the item's price tag, is "Hey, that's not bad at ALL." If we had a dollar for every customer who's said that, we'd be fabulously well-off. Ha-ha! :) 

The "Two Hoots" are husband-and-wife store owners Michael Giles and Anita Willis. We're a playful pair who love to laugh, and before Anita's mom passed away, she used to say we were "a couple of hoots." Hence the store name. :)

The Two Hoots, Michael Giles and Anita Willis