Crown Shaving Shave Cream

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If most men's grooming products make you choke (Lord, save us from Axe body spray), browse this amazing Canadian line of "artisan grooming products for vagabonds, gentlemen, and ruffians." The creator, a cool tattooed barber dude from Toronto, suffered skin and scalp reactions to many traditional men's products. So he decided to make his own natural, sulfate-free and paraben-free beard and body products that, frankly, smell *amazing.* In our shop, men and women are equally impressed by the manly yet natural scent combinations.

Crown's shaving formula is a rich, silky cream made with only the finest ingredients, like eucalyptus and spearmint—both of which will wake you right up. Their shave cream--listed in the top 10 of *all* shave creams by Men's Journ*l magazine-- makes for a close, comfortable shave while leaving your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. Trusted by barbers. 8 oz.

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