Handpainted Silk Art Scarves, Made in Ladysmith

Every silk scarf created by Ladysmith painter Sue Williams is a one-of-a-kind artwork. Her bold and brilliant colour choices combine perfectly with her joyful subject matter, from "wine diva" girlfriends sharing cocktails to artful renditions of comical cats to exuberant floral displays.

In silk dying, Williams says, "the colours and fabric dictate the flow.... I am much too impatient to trace so mostly the output is free hand on silk after pencil designing on paper." 

It takes a full week for Williams to complete a silk scarf illustrated with one of her more complex, elaborate artworks; the more abstract coloured scarves can be completely in somewhat less time. 

"The process after the design, drawing, painting, and drying requires steaming for several hours at a 350-degree boil. Once steamed, the silk is peeled away from the paper cocoon used to roll the scarf, and then is washed multiple times until the excess dye is removed and the water runs clear. Finally a quick iron at low heat, and the fabric is done."